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Boars of the Far North showcases the spectacular hunting in the Northern Territory.

Being a passionate hunter, dog breeder and semi professional cameraman myself, and being disappointed time and time again after buying all the different dog hunting dvd's, I finally decided to make my own and try to add the content that I as a pig hunter wanted to see.

In the territory we have the advantage of being able hunt the wide-open flood plains were more often than not you are able to spot the pig before it spots you, move the camera into position and release the dogs. Add to that we have some of the biggest, toughest and hardest fighting boars in the country and we have ended up with some excellent chase, hit up and holding footage.



"Without a doubt the best all round hunting footage ever to come out of Australia, non-stop action."

"The toughest hogs taking on the toughest dogs down under as well as Buffalo, Bowhunting, rifle shooting and more. Witness footage or some of the remotest country you'll ever see and country you never will see. A must for any hunting enthusiast"

 Daniel Burke
Publisher / Pro Shooter / Guide
Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine


The best hunting DVDs yet!

ONLY $32.50 +P/H

Far North Series
  Shooter Series

Boars of the Far North 4

After a three year hiatus Tanner Indi and Karl are back! At the ripe old age of 11 Tanner is still going head to head with Australia's toughest floodplain boars!


Boars of the Far North 4

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